Storytelling with Collage 


by Roxanne Evans Stout

Techniques for Layering, Color and Texture

Every collage has a tale to tell.

Tell your story in paper, fabric, and objects collected from your world. Storytelling With Collage will inspire you to capture your poetic thoughts, fond memories and passionate daydreams in a soft and simple style. Using simple tools and supplies that delight you, you'll learn to work with a variety of prompts and will discover how each element you select--from small shells collected on your last trip to the pretty paper you unwrapped from a recent gift--has its own part of a complete narrative. Nine collage prompts will walk you step-by-step through a collage creation as you work with textured papers, fabric, stitching, found objects, images, natural materials, color, wax and metal.

In addition, inside you will find:

  • Numerous Tasks--ideas for combing your world for collage fodder
  • Beautiful photos to inspire you to customize your own worktable
  • Perspective on finding inspiration outside your window through the seasons
  • Extra inspiration in each chapter from the Collage Stories and works by 25 contributing artists

Capture the textures and colors of your moments today through your own Storytelling With Collage!

In My Own Words

I’ve always dreamed of writing a book filled with art projects and photographs of my world that I take myself, and filled with other artist’s whose work and I admire and love. 

A book that would share my visions and my dreams. 

Storytelling with Collage began with handwriting scribbled in notebooks, fragments and snatches of sentences that sprawled across pages in pencil and pen. Compilations of words, quotes and ideas turned into chapter outlines and in-depth project descriptions. Soon the book proposal was ready and a few months later it was accepted.

The whole book project took about two years from start to finish

Each morning I would work in my studio...gathering and collaging, and photographing as I worked. Then in the afternoons I would write on my computer at the dining room. My little notepads were still very important in this process, as that is still where I collected my thoughts and played with words.

This book tells my story and I wish my readers "Blessings of joyous creativity in telling your stories through your art."

Storytelling with Collage has been consistently on the Amazon Best Seller List in Mixed-Media and Paper Crafts since it was first published!

"As someone who sees creating things as the same as breathing - meaning, just a part of life that everyone can do - I welcome the unaffected, unpretentious and intimate quality of this book.  The gentle, but firm belief that permeates the book is that expressing yourself through your hands is the most natural, joyful, satisfying element of being human."

"By giving you a glimpse into her world, Roxanne Evans Stout invites you to explore the possibilities for finding beauty in your own. By encouraging you to examine the "why" as well as the "how" - your art will take on a genuine feeling of authenticity. In addition, this lovely book is a perfect companion to Roxanne's online workshops - any of which are a whole other 5 star experience. I have purchased many collage books, and given most of them away - This one is a keeper. It has a timeless quality (as does the author's artwork), and will keep me happily creating memories for years."

"They say that every picture tells a story and this gorgeous art book lets us all in on the stories that motivated creation, revealed themselves upon completion, or happened in connection with the art work. Who doesn't want to know the secret behind the work, and what the artist was thinking? Roxanne has filled this book with amazing collage stories, challenges, projects and windows to peek through, filling artists and non artists alike with inspiration. The photography and collections are stunning and the message throughout is uplifting and beautiful. This five star book will keep you busy long after the initial purchase... enjoy!"

"I love Roxanne's beautiful way of putting so many details together. Her kind and generous spirit just shines in this book. She teaches without pushing and guides you to beautiful work of your own. I highly recommend this work of art."