Online Workshops

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Online workshops are wonderful to teach, and give me a way to reach people who may not be able to take a “live” class from me and want to work from home, at their own pace.
I have learned so much about filming and editing, and love my new video camera. My goal is to create video’s that are also works of art and that will inspire you as you create.
Throughout my videos I will share my worktable, my studio, my home and my gardens as they change throughout the seasons. 
— Roxanne Evans Stout

I would love to have you join

hundreds of creative Art Makers

from around the world

in my online workshops!

This is a sample that I create in Victory Shields and Wisdom Keepers.

This is a sample that I create in Victory Shields and Wisdom Keepers.

Videos are all available for a lifetime!

Roxanne encourages her students to find their magic and make their own way, and her lessons offer endless wisdom and insight to help you with each project. She is available to help with challenges and questions as you encounter them and encourages students to post them on the class Facebook so everyone can benefit from the discussions.
Pages created in Pathways and Wanderings Workshop

Pages created in Pathways and Wanderings Workshop


And suddenly you know…
It’s time to start something new
and trust the magic of beginnings.
— Meister Eckhart

Book of Trees


In this class, we will delve wholeheartedly into the theme of trees and create a unique mixed media artist book that you will treasure forever!

I have always loved trees.

As a little girl, I would sit under a large eucalyptus tree on the front lawn of our apartment in Santa Monica, California. I would read or work in my journal, writing, and drawing… even making nature observations- things I still love. Back then I longed to live in the country surrounded by trees.  Now I live in a small country town in Oregon, and my family and I have planted many trees on our land and watched them grow and thrive along side of us.

The gifts a tree can give are endless… their beauty, their strength and resilience, the way they provide us food and homes for wildlife, and the way they clean our air.

Won’t you join me as I guide and inspire you in the making of a hand made book… inspired by and celebrating your connection to trees?

Together we will collage with papers and fabrics, create textures and layers, and play with color. We will carve and print our own stamps and use images and quotes on the pages of our books. We will stitch and attach beautiful treasures from nature with threads and wire.

I will share with you my creative processes and favorite techniques that will add magic to your pages and I’ll share writing prompts to further your journey of honoring trees.

You will see how… day by day and moment by moment…your handmade book will evolve into a rich compilation of pages that is your very own Book of Trees.



Victory Shields


Wisdom Keepers

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Join Me Now and Create Artifacts

Woven Together With Love...

...a unique online workshop just for you!

Magical student work from Victory Shields and Wisdom Keepers... just imagine what you could make with me as your guide!

Magical student work from Victory Shields and Wisdom Keepers... just imagine what you could make with me as your guide!

If you love creating, making art and having a chance to use all those beautiful treasures that you have found along the way... from sticks and stones to small gathered objects, I will be your guide.

You will create of at least fourteen unique hand-crafted projects that will be beautiful and  have special meanings of your journey.

You will discover new tools and new processes as we wrap, stitch and tie, bind, cluster, bundle, wire and collage

And take seemingly unrelated objects

and give them

a new life with a precious core.




and Wanderings

I just adore watching Roxanne Evans Stout pick up that scrubbly old brush, and shlop on the matte medium, hap-hazard-style, and I love the scratchy sound it makes on her pages. The videos are wonderful.
— Sylvia Grantins

I am very excited to offer you this workshop and fill you with inspiration and creativity that will effect your whole life as an artist and lover of art.

During this go at your own pace workshop, you will create your very own Book of Wanderings... 

As we go, we play with new materials and techniques in many smaller, connected projects: we write, make time for inspiration in our studios, slow down and notice light and color, record special moments, and spread beauty onto our pages and into our lives.



the thread that weaves


Several years ago I have been taught this workshop around the Pacific Northwest where I guided my students in the creation of their own beautiful and unique artist book.

The discussions that emerged from my question: 

What is the thread that weaves through your art?

have been thought provoking and as individual as the artists themselves.  

So with that...


you find that you are thinking about how the thread that weaves

has a place in your life and art. 

And if you want to begin or continue to make art

that speaks of all that is you, your past and your present, 

your wishes and your dreams,

and make a unique artist book that reflects all of this.

Join me for a go at your own pace online workshop filled with creativity, exploration and inspiration!



nature journaling


Whether you already love it or you want to try observing, writing, drawing, painting, and photographing outside, Nature Journaling online offers new ideas and techniques.  You'll collage in conjunction with nature and wildlife and create gorgeous projects that include found objects.

The course enriches creativity and vision and fosters greater observation of the natural world, helping you be more at ease with writing what you see and feel,freeing you to be more perceptive and reflective.  I've constructed the course to be for all levels, so first-timers and experienced artists alike can reap the benefits of the beautiful content and inspiring lessons.

Each week's projects include experimenting with painting, drawing, writing, collaging, mixed media, and often photography.

It began in the month of almost summer month of June but could easily work in any season!