The Thread That Weaves




For the last year I have been teaching these workshops around the Pacific Northwest where I guided my students in the creation of their own beautiful and unique artist book.

The discussions that emmerged from my question: What is the thread that weaves through your art, have been thought provoking and as individual as the artists themselves.  So with that...



you find that you are thinking about


the thread that weaves

has a place 

 in your life and art. 

And if you want to begin or

continue to make art 

that speaks

of all that is you, 

your past and your present,

your wishes and your dreams,


make a unique artist book that reflects all of this.

Join me for a go at your own pace online workshop filled with creativity, exploration and inspiration!


My workshop includes:

  • At least twelve inspirational and instructional videos with unlimited access long after the workshop is over.
  • Four step by step in depth lessons involving layering, collaging, stitching, wiring, painting and collecting.  
  • A beautiful group blog where all the projects and links will be posted.. where you can comment with questions, observations or concerns. You can also print out the lessons.
  • Four writing collecting componants to go with each lesson and ideas for photographing your collections and projects.
  • A group Flickr Site where you can upload photographs of  your art and view and comment on other students projects.
  • My consistant availablity by email and contact with you on flickr and our group blog


All for just....



Email me with any questions at:



See the beautiful work of my students from my last workshop here and here!


Artist book page by Coral Smith

Artist book pages by Jacky Williams

Artist book pages by Tami Chancon

Artist book by Nat Palaskas

Artwork by Seth Apter

Artist book pages by Kim Henkle