Cloth, Paper, Scissors ART LESSONS


I am very proud to have three brand new Art Lessons with Cloth Paper Scissors.

If you are not familiar with Art Lessons, they are like downloadable magazine articles. But not just a little two-pager, they are about 20 pages long with at least that many photographs, step by step instructions and a gallery of extra art.  Plus they have one or two bonus videos of a topic of choice from the artist. My lessons are on three topics that I love.


Gesso, The Final Touch

Adding Collages to Books

Adding Stitchwork to Artwork

Using Gesso As A Final Layer In Your Art.

The mixed-media artist is always thinking outside the box. This month, our Art Lesson is hosted by Roxanne Evans Stout, and she is exploring new ways to use gesso. Typically gesso is a primer intended to create velvety smooth, protective surfaces to paint on; but she has seen that this medium has more potential than just that – it can be used for striking final touches!


Adding Books To Your Collages

Add dimension and interest to any collage with a special little book. Follow along with Roxanne as she shows you how to create small books and then add them to collages in three different ways. The books have simple bindings and interesting pages that enhance the story of the collage.


Adding Stitching To Your Mixed Media Art

Add a tactile quality to your mixed-media pieces. Let Roxanne Evans Stout show you how to add stitching to enhance your artful creations. She will tell you how she adds stitching to a variety of substrates, and illustrate how she embellished a simple journal page with stitched designs.