About The Artist

WELCOME, I am Roxanne

Artist and teacher, 
wanderer and dreamer
garden dweller, river walker
child of the forest, 
daughter of the sea
Always grateful, always noticing
always growing

I live and create in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and the mountains and the river lands that surround my home are my constant inspiration. I am an Adjunct Professor at Oregon Institute of Technology where I teach Mixed Media Arts.

I share my art in workshops throughout the United States and have had my work shown and been published internationally. I also teach online workshops to students who are from all over the world. 

Teaching enables me to share my passion...nothing makes me more happy than helping my students through their own process of renewal. My goal is to help you find your own magic. Through my art I would like to convey the feeling of connecting, timelessness and re-creation. 

My biggest project, my book, "Storytelling with Collage" was published in March 2016 by North Light Books. 

As an artist I am constantly learning and growing. Art is my passion, my love, my soul.



I help others express their unique beauty by illuminating the stories of who they are in quiet moments, in harmony with nature and as the creative voice of what’s sacred.
— Roxanne Evans Stout


When I am immersed in nature, or walk down a street in an old town or city...
everything makes itself noticed to me...
From a decaying leaf, a feather on the path before me, or a small ring of rusty wire... to the expression on a person’s face and the colors and textures around me. I love the process of layering, of adding glazes of color and collaged papers and fabrics to my art work and taking away, revealing what is hidden beneath.
— Roxanne Evans Stout


The journey between where you once were, and who you are becoming, is where the dance of life really begins.
— Barbara deAngelis