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Archetypal Expressions

Join Roxanne Evans Stout and Tonia Jenny

and celebrate spring and art

at River Garden Studio.

Together we’ll explore

creating and working

with personal symbols

that express

the four archetypes

associated with these principles.

With guided questions, we’ll discover the answers to what the Warrior, the Healer, the Visionary and the Teacher have to tell us about what we need more of in our lives.

Life becomes lighter and simpler when we practice these four basic principles:

Show up and be present.

Pay attention to what has heart and meaning.

Trust your insight.

Be open and objective by surrendering

to the love of the universe.


On our first day...

Universal symbols already exist for the four archetypes, but we're going to get more personal and figure out what our own symbols are to represent what stage we're in with each, currently on our individual paths. To do this, we'll use pen and paper to explore the answers to prompts and questions, and then let our intuition speak, as symbols emerge to express both our original medicine (the unique gifts we offer to the world) as well as what it is we ourselves need for growth. 

Once we have our four symbols sketched, we'll carve them into soft blocks to then create four small cement tiles (or paper clay embellishments)—one symbol cast in each. Next, we'll enjoy the process of adhering our tiles and smaller glass bits to a wood box using more cement and embellishing with paint. By the end of day one, we'll each have a sacred vessel to hold what we'll create on day two!

And on our second day...

To arrive at our symbols, we distilled a lot of thoughts and expressions. Day two will be our time to explore in more depth the answers to the prompts and questions from day one. Using Roxanne's story-collage process, we'll create stamps for our symbols and use them to create one page on wood to honor each of our for archetypes—the Warrior, the Healer, the Visionary and the Teacher using texture, color, words, objects (if desired) and additional symbols that show up along the way.

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Archetypal Expressions


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