I just adore watching Roxanne Evans Stout pick up that scrubbly old brush, and shlop on the matte medium, hap-hazard-style, and I love the scratchy sound it makes on her pages. The videos are wonderful.
— Sylvia Grantins.

I am very excited to offer you this workshop and fill you with inspiration and creativity that will effect your whole life as an artist and lover of art.

During this go at your own pace workshop, you will create your very own Book of Wanderings... 

As we go, we play with new materials and techniques in many smaller, connected projects: we write, make time for inspiration in our studios, slow down and notice light and color, record special moments, and spread beauty onto our pages and into our lives.

Wandering Through
 New Beginnings
Wandering Through
The Seasons:

 A Winter Landscape

 The Renewal of Spring

 The Warm Glow of Summer

And Wandering Through...

 The Winds of Change in the Autumn. 


There will be four components or sections to each theme. The main projects will be in our Book of Wanderings, but there will also be a "Pathways" component, "Letters to Myself" and "Studio Moments."

Each of these will sections will have videos as I gently guide and inspire you through our projects.

The videos will be yours to access forever! You will have access to the blog for at least two years... After that you can email me and I will sign you up as a reader again.

Our projects will begin with constructing our books using a very easy and fun technique. Next I will share and guide you through my processes from the backgrounds, to collaging, and lastly to embellishing and adding the final details.


Here are some of the things we will be doing:

  • Working with pan pastels, inks and watercolor paints.
  • Collaging with texture papers and fabrics. 
  • Adding different elements to our collages including metal and wood, wire, threads and found and collected objects.
  • Making books, one larger Book of Wandering and five smaller ones (all easy to make!)
  • Stitching by hand, wiring, attaching, constructing and assembling, painting, collaging, designing and most of all creating.
  • Arranging and photographing,(any camera or yourcellphone will work).

    As many of you know, I love arranging everyday objects into still-life's and vignettes. And to find beauty in the natural world and even the smallest details... I would like to share my processes with you during this workshop. Photographing your art space and easy and using creative art and writing prompts will also be included in this workshop.
  • Writing, I will share five writing exercises and videos that are easy, fun and creative!

Roxanne encourages her students to find their magic and make their own way, and her lessons offer endless wisdom and insight to help you with each project. She is available to help with challenges and questions as you encounter them and encourages students to post them on the class Facebook so everyone can benefit from the discussions.
— Heather Sha


This workshop will include: 

  • Five weeks of inspirational projects, ideas and prompts.
  • New posts with links to the week's videos will be posted every week for five weeks.
  • Over 25 high definition videos to inspire and guide you, filmed in River Garden Studio and my home.
  • A private blog that will help you organize your projects from start to finish and where I will share more ideas and art that goes hand-in-hand with our themes.
  • A private Facebook group where you can share your projects and get to know other like-minded souls.
  • An Instagram page that you can link to: #pathwaysandwanderings
  • Extended access to the videos to last indefinitely (forever!) and the blog for two years. (After that you can email me and I can add you as a reader again)
  • Beautiful photographs and quotes throughout the blog and videos.
  • Inspiration that will find it's way into your life, your heart and your lifetime!

Extra items: 

  • High speed internet is recommended as well as a google account.
  • A list of course materials will be provided later, after you join the workshop.
  • You will be invited to the Private Facebook group after you register.
  • Sorry, no refunds after the class begins. All levels of skills are welcome!

After traveling through Pathways and Wanderings with Roxanne, you will see your world and possibilities through fresh, new eyes, and you will have a beautiful book filled with your own magical pages of inspiration.

 No matter where you are on your artistic journey, 
this workshop will have something just for you!

The Price is Just




Together We Will Wander...