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Victory Shields

and Wisdom Keepers

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For a Special Sale in Celebration of Springtime in the Pacific Northwest!

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An Online workshop by

Roxanne Evans Stout

Join Me and Create unique Mixed-Media Projects...


Woven Together With Love

My worktable ready for filming Woven Wisdom Keepers

My worktable ready for filming Woven Wisdom Keepers

I would love to

introduce my newest offering... 

a unique online workshop just for you!

One of our Victory Shields

One of our Victory Shields

Find that connective thread

that runs through your life and your art.

If you love creating, making art and having a chance to use all those beautiful treasures that you have found along the way... from sticks and stones to small gathered objects, I will be your guide.


During this go at your own pace workshop...

you will create at least Fourteen unique hand-crafted projects that will be beautiful and have special meanings of your journey.

You will discover new tools and new processes

and wrap, tie, bind, cluster, bundle and wire

seemingly unrelated objects

and give them a new life with a precious core.


Inspiration for you!

Inspiration for you!

This worksop will include:

Inspiration to last you a Lifetime!

At least 14 hands-on projects that you can hold in your hands, display on your coffee table, hang on a wall or arrange on a special shelf.

Half of the projects will be "Victory Shields" and half "Wisdom Keepers."

These are all brand new projects that I have created just for this workshop.

20 hi-definition downloadable videos created and edited in my own River Garden Studio. 

A private Victory Shields and Wisdom Keepers Facebook Group.

A private Blog on this website with beautiful photographs, detailed step by step directions, and boundless inspiration.

Unlimited access to the Blog, Facebook group and Videos. They will be yours to view forever!

Victory Shields and Wisdom keepers

Sale Price: $80.00

Regular Price $132.00

Sale ends June 21, 2017

Bundled Price for

Victory Shields and Pathways and Wanderings


Sale ends June 21, 2017