By The Light of Spring


My world has been ablaze with color.

Warm rainy days

have watered the gardens and my soul.

I've been quiet, 

relishing my moments, touched by my workshops,

and always touched by art.

First came the flowers

then the green

Our home is a shady refuge.

Just like many of you,

I love to find beauty in unlikely places

and savor it 

making it stay with me and last with 

my camera.

The return of the snowgeese

fills the sky with wonder

-filling me with wonderment too.

And the daffodil

wears her crown

for she is the queen of the garden.

 This is my world.

A bird bath, a flower

...a garden,

And the corner of my worktable.

Each day the light

moves around our house,

the sun rises and the moon shines over the river

and my art grows 

I am grateful.

Roxanne Evans Stout